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Horticultural Therapy for Inclusion

"Horticultural Therapy for Inclusion" is an e-Training for Trainers  in Special Needs Adult Education


Module 1: Introduction to the Course

1.1 Table of Content

1.2 Overview Of eCampo As A Part Of IO4 - The Busy Bees` Island 

1.3 Who Is eCampo For?

1.4 What Is The Learning Format Of eCampo?

Module 2:  Educational Approaches 

2.1 Module Overview

2.2 Adult Education As Transformative Learning

2.3 The Head-Hand-Heart Method

2.4 Special Education In Adult Learning Settings

Module 3: Approaching Disabilities And Special Needs 

3.1 Defining Disabilities And Special Needs

3.2 Models Of Disability – Lifelong Learning Implications

Module 4: Horticulture As A Learning Tool And Therapy

4.1. Horticulture As A Learning Tool

4.2. Benefits Of Gardening In Lifelong Learning

4.3. Horticulture As A Therapy

4.4. Types Of Horticultural Therapy

4.5. Impact Of The Persons With Disabilities

4.6. Benefits Of Using Horticultural Therapy  

4.7. List Of References 

Module 5: Being A Horticultural Therapist 

5.1 Being A Horticultural Therapist: Much More Than A Gardener

5.2 Horticultural Therapy As A Career

5.3 Qualifications ‘Requirements

5.4 Responsibilities

5.5 Skills

5.6 Where Do Horticultural Therapists Work

Module 6: Practical Lesson Plans And Methods Of Assessment 

6.1 Lesson Plan N 1

6.2 Lesson Plan N 2

6.3 Lesson Plan N 3

6.4 Lesson Plan N 4

6.5 Lesson Plan N 5

6.6 Lesson Plan N 6

6.7 Evaluation Form On Horticultural Therapy As Rehabilitation 

6.8 Evaluation Form On Horticultural Therapy As Vocational Training 

Module 7: Towards Inclusive Education Of All People With Disabilities 

7.1. Legal Definitions

7.2. Access To Education

7.3. Inclusive Education

7.4. The European Union Disability Strategy

7.5. International Legal Instruments