All e-Campo course content is accessed via our easy-to-use Learning Management System and can be viewed on multiple electronic devices, so learners can study in their own time, at their own pace.

Joining the e-Campo courses:

  • is more cost effective and time efficient than creating bespoke content
  • offers ready-sourced subject matter expertise
  • allows you to have a track and report on all learner's progress



  • Accessible from anywhere and on any device, e-Campo is streamlined and dynamic; with a modern user-friendly interface; easy to customize and navigate.



  • e-Campo offers a customized eLearning content with a suitable for groups training environment, providing a measurable impact among adult educators working with horticultural and nature therapy for inclusion of children and youth with disabilities.



  • Delivered through active individual learner participation, our courses offer valuable expert inputs and interactive plots, engaging and stimulating; increasing overall retention and success.



  • Variety of Learner Assessment Methods including progress checks; tests and European non-formal learning certification.
  • e-Campo  offers a blog for discussions and feedback on the eLearning process.


Join Our Learning Community

The CAMPO DEI MIRACOLI project offers a unique opportunity for a free and user-friendly access to a virtual learning community of a wide range of European trainers, consultants and educators, working with horticultural therapy, disability and inclusion. The eLearning Community will receive virtual educational support to their every-day efforts for inclusion of children and young people with disabilities.               

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